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Don’t Miss These Secret Collectible Map Upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Tired of digging around for hidden collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Get secret map upgrades by completing challenging exploration puzzles, Jedi meditation chambers, and intricate rumors These map upgrades reveal all undiscovered seed pods, chests, upgrades, databanks, and treasures on the Holomap.

Map upgrades are worth looking for, but it’s still difficult to figure out exactly how to access the collection. So be sure to check out our Collection Guide for detailed instructions on how to find all Cosmetic Chests, Stims, Databanks and Essences. , and others can be found on the planets of Coruscant, Kobo, Jedha, and Shattered Moon.

Before continuing, the next guide should include the mission name, location, and unlocked abilitiesSo please proceed with caution.

Map Upgrade: Treasure Chest

While exploring the Phon’Qi Caverns, you’ll discover a terminal at the bottom of the cave that BD-1 can slice through to unlock chest map upgrades. This upgrade reveals all chests, stim upgrades, and BD-1 upgrades not found in the Holomap.

For a comprehensive guide to navigating the difficult caves, see Explore the Phon’Qi Caverns walkthrough.

Map Upgrade: Seed Pods

  • prerequisite: Plant all 10 types of plants to unlock all gardening plots.
  • position: Prion Tavern, Workshop

Recruiting Jedha’s gardener, Piri Walde, unlocks the ability to start planting seeds you discover on your travels. After planting all 10 seeds and unlocking all available gardening plots, BD-1 gains access to terminals detected by the water feature and is no longer covered by vines. Interacting with the terminal unlocks seed pod map upgrades.

For more information on the requirements to unlock all plots, see our gardening guide.

Map Upgrade: Upgrade

  • prerequisite: Completion of all seven Jedi Meditation Chambers.
  • position: Alignment Control Center, Untamed Downs – Koboh.

After completing all seven Jedi Meditation Chambers, head to the Untamed Downs and enter the Alignment Control Center. There you will find all the mysterious computer screens turned green. On the other side of these screens, have BD-1 slice your newly unlocked terminal. Here you can access the upgrade map. This map shows all upgrades not found in the Holomap.

Map Upgrade: Treasure

After completing all three Jedha ruins puzzles, you’ll gain access to the Central Ruins, which has an elevator that leads to Wayfinder’s Tomb.

Inside the tomb is a terminal where BD-1 can slice and earn treasure map upgrades. This reveals all undiscovered plyolite shards, Jedha his scrolls, and data discs on the holomap.

Map Upgrade: Data Bank

After defeating Rank Denvik in the main mission, find Nova Garon – Traitor and head to the right of his desk to find a terminal where BD-1 can slice.

Doing so unlocks upgrades for the databank map. This will show all undiscovered databank entries in the holomap.

Check out the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Wiki guide. It details important combat tips and tricks, all cosmetic options (hairstyles, lightsaber components, etc.), aquarium fish locations, and collection guides (cosmetic chests, stims, essences). ), the best skills to unlock first, etc.

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