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Dragon Ball: The Breakers Review In Progress – Beta Impressions

One of Dragon Ball’s standout aspects is its lineup of fantastic villains who often destroy entire cities and planets in the blink of an eye with little regard for the average citizen. So Dragon Ball: Breakers puts you in the shoes of either one of these villains (called Raiders) or a terrified citizen (Survivor) who works with up to six other humans to try to escape. When it’s a novel idea. One, in fact. Unfortunately, after using the beta for some time, I feel that the execution of this idea leaves a lot to be desired: Dragon Ball: Breakers has poor controls, an unreliable camera, and a budget I feel that it is such a game. Live service gacha mechanics that can affect competitive gameplay. I’ll have more to say after spending time with the final game (it won’t be accessible until launch day), but so far what I’ve seen has been anything but encouraging.

During the beta period over the past few weeks, we played a few matches, flew around hub areas returning between game sessions, and played tutorial missions that most closely followed the final game’s story. mode. Before I give my final opinion, what I really want to spend more time on is spending more time playing as a Raider and better understanding the currency and gacha elements. The feeling when people are working together rather than groping.

The opening cutscene is great!

As far as tutorials go, there’s a brief explanation for the time seams that cause supervillains to appear where they shouldn’t be, but it’s more than a means for Trunks to teach you how to play and explain these endless reasons. It’s not a thing.Multiplayer battles keep happening. Better than a page of text, but it’s a low standard and not particularly interesting.

died in dragon ball

Playing as a survivor (either as a customized avatar or one of the show’s weaker characters) while scrambling to complete some objectives to send the Raider back to where it came from is good for the opening moments of the match. A sense of momentum is gained. These tasks take the form of searching for power keys and placing them in the right place to prevent various machines from being destroyed by raiders. It’s fun to be forced to survive by different forms of trickery, such as hiding, taking the form of random objects, or skills that stun enemies for a period of time. Short time.

The heartbreaking moments when you may or may not be seen by the Raider are really fun and inspire you to improvise right away. The penalty for being discovered without planning is almost certainly death, leading to incredibly tense interactions where you really feel like you can outsmart your opponents. , these moments were the best moments I was chasing while playing as a survivor.

These moments are really tense.

These moments are really tense.

Unfortunately, the controls and camera are often subpar. It feels like it’s sliding. It makes perfect sense that you should be at a disadvantage when facing Raiders, but not because it’s a chore for your character to control.

Aside from equippable skills, the true ace for Survivors is Dragon Change. This is the ability to transform into super-powered versions of characters based on various Dragon Ball heroes. These come in the form of Transspheres, items you receive from the Gacha Mechanic using your ticket. We’re still getting a feel for how it works in terms of balance in regular matches, but that kind of interaction between competitive gameplay and gacha is on the way at least. On the surface, I’m a little worried. After transforming into a hero of your choice, you can fight Raiders for a short time to give your fellow survivors time to escape.

My complaints about the controls and camera intensify while traveling at high speeds.

It’s a cool concept, but my complaints about the controls and camera intensify while traveling at high speed after Dragon Change. could not be guessed. When they managed to connect, it was even confusing what was going on due to the lack of visual feedback. I need more time to understand how the dragon change mechanic feels, but what I’ve played so far has very poor controls and the camera just can’t keep up.

I generally enjoyed playing as Raider more than Survivor. Hunted down helpless citizens and destroyed their toys before they could be used to escape me. Absorbing survivors after defeating them and growing into new forms with new skills is satisfying (especially since you can destroy large portions of the map each time), but it adds a power fantasy. However, the attack lacks impact. Dealing with the camera was frustrating and the lack of proper visual feedback made it hard to tell what was going on. It had power, whereas Survivor’s opponent did not.

The graphics certainly won’t win any awards either.

The graphics certainly won’t win any awards either. The characters retain their style from the original material, and the maps are nicely varied with canyons, towns, and vast spaces, but most textures are low-res and close-up. Blurry. I wasn’t expecting great visuals to live up to the high standards set by games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, but seeing how good Dragon Ball games are can It’s a shame that this is visually dull.

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