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Dwarf Fortress Sells 600,000 Copies in Two Months

Dwarf Fortress has sold over 600,000 copies in its first two months on the market, according to a new post from the publisher medium kit fox game.

“In the first two months that ended yesterday, we’ve now sold exactly 606,342 copies of Dwarf Fortress, of which almost exactly 5,000 are from,” said Kitfox Games co-founder A Tanya X Short writes on behalf of the development team. .

Prior to release, Kitfox Games announced Analyst forecast Using Steam wishlist figures for previous titles, they predicted that Dwarf Fortress would sell around 160,000 units in its first two months. was sold to

The success of Dwarf Fortress reportedly made the game’s original creators Zach and Tarn Adams a healthy $7 million in January.

Kitfox Games also posted Dwarf Fortress’ Steam traffic stats, revealing that the store page received a staggering 26.81 million visits in the first two months after launch.

The Steam release of Dwarf Fortress brought many much-needed graphics, UI, and control improvements to the beloved cult classic from 2006, making it accessible to a new generation of gamers. The game currently has a 95% positive score from his 17,478 user reviews on Steam.

In their review of Dwarf Fortress, IGN called the game “infinitely explorable in terms of complexity and equally challenging in terms of the depth there is. This is the quintessential world simulation and building management game. ”.

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