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Dysterra is a Futuristic Sci-Fi FPS that Challenges Players to Survive Extinction by Any Means Necessary

Dysterra is a brand new sci-fi survival game with futuristic FPS gameplay. Players are challenged to either compete or work together on a dying Earth to secure a one-way ticket to the stars and survival.

Dysterra has entered early access for PC via Steam. Let’s break down the 5 biggest reasons why this battle is not to be missed!

Earth is on the brink of extinction from a Terrafire explosion, and the only hope of avoiding extinction is to board an escape rocket. So what’s the problem? There is only limited space, and time ticks, ticks, ticks. You’ll need to adapt quickly and resolve any challenges that stand in your way if you’re to stay hopeful of escaping Earth before it’s too late.

While preparing for your journey, it’s imperative that you build a base of operations to defend against attacks on the harsh near-future Earth you once called home. Fortify your base with impenetrable defenses. Consisting of turrets, electric fences, and even powerful AI mechs, they crush anyone who tries to enter.

Your base will become a safe haven for you and your team, literally making the difference between life and death in Dysterra. Raiding enemy bases is a way to ensure you have abundant resources and weapons that give you the edge you need to win.

Speaking of enemies, there’s a world of bad guys trying to stop you from escaping. You can choose to face these dangers alone or with friends. Teaming up gives you more opportunities to gather resources, face threats, and gather the most powerful gear to share with your team, but you may not be here to play well. Grab your loot, defeat your enemies, and get off the earth alone like the rogue hero you’ve always known.

PvP is a big part of Dysterra, but there are also PvE and single-player modes for those looking for something a little different. Dysterra is all about choices, and survival challenges exist no matter how you play.

Dysterra’s goal is to escape the dying Earth by any means necessary. The planet is completely doomed. The only glimmer of survival resides in the seats of those escape rockets.

These ships are ready to take the lucky few off-planet for the chance to build new life on the stars, but space is very limited. The method is to purchase a ticket at Terasite, a valuable resource that can be collected in the world. However, just buying a ticket is not enough.

Other players can steal tickets from you and your teammates, so building a base and finding Dysterra’s most powerful weapons is essential to survival. This mission offers endless opportunities and play options — do you want to focus on collecting Terracite and defending your base until the rocket launches? Can you pry a ticket out of a dead hand?

I need firepower anyway. All players in Dysterra start off with pistols and rifles for defense, but they’re only useful for a very long time and you’ll soon have to look for better weapons. From snipers to take out threats from afar, to rocket launchers to destroy any base, to assault rifles to battle your enemies, there are endless options and playstyles for all types of players!

There are also incredibly powerful weapons and armor waiting to be found worthy enough to be acquired, but these riches are no easy feat.

Surviving in the world of Dysterra requires tougher challenges, but the rewards for those who stand the test are spectacular. One of the more difficult obstacles is an abandoned lab filled with deadly, deranged AI robots and creatures that were once bred to kill. A nightmarish monster that embodies evil and greed, it leads the earth to disaster.

Survive these man-made weapons of mass destruction and you’ll be given a game-changing control chip. If you reverse the position, it will give you God-like power. Get ready to wreak havoc on a world already on the brink of ruin. Earthquake and chemical attacks are just a few of the options available.

Bosses also stalk the world, offering prayers to unprepared players and carrying some of the biggest rewards in all of Dystera. Defeating them is hard work and not without risk, but their loot can change your entire journey and allow you to book a prestigious location before this battered rock collapses. .

I said the world is trying to get you. Will you survive or will this dying earth take you away?

Dysterra is currently in early access vaporand players can now loot, craft, build, and team up to face ever-increasing challenges created by Reality MagiQ’s team.

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