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EA CEO: Activision Blizzard Deal Is ‘Not Really Material to Us’

Xbox’s early Activision Blizzard acquisition remains a hot topic following decision by UK Competition and Markets Authority [CMA] But Electronic Arts CEO Andrew doesn’t seem too worried about whether the deal will go through.

During EA’s latest earnings call, Wilson claimed that EA was “Microsoft’s biggest partner” while the company was “the number one publisher on the platform.”

Wilson’s comments come amid ongoing speculation that EA itself may eventually be acquired. EA was reportedly approached by Comcast, but the deal fell apart due to disagreements over price and structure. EA continues to maintain a uniquely strong position with FIFA 23, which recently celebrated the biggest launch in franchise history.

Elsewhere, Xbox continues to battle its bid to acquire Activision Blizzard, and is being questioned harshly by both the CMA and the Federal Trade Commission. [FTC]Activision Blizzard has hired one of Queen Elizabeth II’s former lawyers to challenge the lawsuit. The lawsuit is ongoing, see the full timeline here.

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