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EA Sports College Football Won’t Be Released Until Summer 2024

EA has announced that the highly anticipated EA Sports College Football will not be released until Summer 2024.

talk ESPN.

“It’s the perfect day to deliver a game that meets or exceeds player expectations and that we believe covers the breadth and scale of what a game needs,” Holt said. We’re looking to build a highly immersive college football experience.”

he also assured ESPN College Football isn’t just a reskinned version of EA’s Madden NFL series. “We want to make sure it’s clearly a unique piece of college football,” Holt said. Nor is it how we approach this.”

No release date or timing has been announced so far, but internal documents reveal that EA was targeting a July 2023 release. That means the 2024 announcement is likely to cause disappointment among fans who have been waiting for the new entry since 2013.

Holt shared the many features that have come to college football, including the return of fan favorites Dynasty Mode and Road to Glory, allowing players to lead an entire school football program and one athlete’s career, respectively. I have confirmed that it will be

“Dynasty was at the top of everyone’s heads and at the top of their list,” Holt said. “It’s something we think we’re passionately focused on, and we want to get it as right as possible in the first year while still building the foundational pieces to move forward.”

Finally, he revealed that over 120 colleges will be in the game, but he would like to share details about who have committed, who have not, or whether FCS schools or HBCUs will be included. was not possible.

The return of college football was announced in February 2021 when EA simply tweeted, “College football is back.” The publisher of Madden NFL has partnered with leading US college trademark licensing company CLC to become the exclusive developer of a simulated college football video game experience.

The franchise was extremely popular for a decade from 2005 to 2014, but the NCAA decided not to renew the EA Sports contract over ongoing legal issues regarding the use of player names and likenesses in games. selected.

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