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EA Sports FC’s New Logo is Here, And It’s Very Pointy

With FIFA firmly in the rearview mirror, Electronic Arts unveiled the EA Sports FC logo. We hope this will continue the incredible success of the series that dates back to the 90s.

At first glance, the logo is very, well, pointy, with lots of sharp angles that are more reminiscent of a racing brand than a soccer game. Here’s what EA has to say about the new logo:

The new brand draws its design inspiration directly from the dominant shape of football culture: the beautiful game and the triangle that represents the many facets of the sport. From passing technique to set plays, shape has been woven into the DNA of the EA SPORTS football experience for decades. From the isometric angles of the first 8-bit experience, the triangular polygons that make up every pixel in modern games, and the iconic player indicator symbol that appears above every athlete in every match.

If you want a complete breakdown of the new logo design and flag photos, long explanation here.

the beginning of a new era

The new logo comes just over a year after initial news that EA’s decades-long partnership with FIFA had ended and the series had been rebranded. EA CEO Andrew Wilson has been very candid about the split, saying that the only value FIFA brings to the series is “the four letters at the front of the box.” I promised to put it out.

Despite the name change, EA Sports FC has signed a deal with the Premier League worth around £488 million, said to be more than double the original deal, a partnership that has been a calling card. hold

Little is known about EA Sports FC, but it’s unlikely to change significantly from previous games that have long perfected the franchise’s money-making formula. EA says fans can expect him to make a full reveal in July.

As for the final release, EA Sports FC is set to release on PC and major consoles in September.

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