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EA Sports PGA Tour Arrives in March

The EA Sports PGA Tour finally launches on March 24th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC.

As reported by euro gamerThe date was announced along with a new trailer (below) showcasing some of the features coming to the PGA TOUR, including the Pure Strike Shot system that promises “smooth swing mechanics, innovative ball behavior and realistic course dynamics.” I got

In total, about four minutes of gameplay was shown, giving fans a proper look at the game for the first time outside of a brief teaser trailer released last October.

The EA Sports PGA Tour promises to recreate some of the world’s top golf courses, allowing players to build their virtual careers and compete against famous golfers. However, this lineup does not include Tiger his Woods, who has signed a multi-year deal with rival franchise his PGA Tour 2K.

Woods was the headliner for EA’s Golf franchise, switching to Rory McIlroy for the 2015 title. This means his eight-year hiatus will end when the new game comes out next year.

In a 5/10 review of the 2015 release, IGN said:

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