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EA to Remove Madden NFL 23 CPR Touchdown Celebration Following Damar Hamlin Incident

EA Sports plans to remove the CPR touchdown celebration from Madden NFL 23 after Buffalo Bills player Dumar Hamlin collapsed on the pitch on January 3.

As reported by CBS, EA is working on an update to remove the CPR celebration in the next few days.

The animation existed in the game for three years, but after Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and underwent CPR for about 10 minutes on the pitch, many players asked for the animation to be removed.

“EA Sports is taking steps to remove celebrations from Madden NFL 23 through updates over the next few days,” a spokesperson said.

An in-game animation can be triggered after recording a touchdown, where one player can be seen lying on the ground while another pretends to perform CPR. A third player mimics the use of a defibrillator.

Hamlin is expected to be discharged within the next 48 hours after making a significant recovery. His heart had to restart twice after collapsing during the game, leaving him in critical condition.

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