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Elden Ring Streamer MissMikkaa Simultaneously Defeated Two Malenias With a Dance Pad and a Controller

As if defeating Elden Ring’s hardest boss, Malenia, wasn’t enough, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa used her controller to take down two Malenia at once. When dance pad.

MissMikkaa achieved this amazing feat in the “Ultimate Challenge Run”. So she set herself the challenge of “playing two of her Elden Rings games simultaneously with different controllers (Dance Pad and her PS5 DualSense).” She also had to kill “the boss in the same attempt in both game instances”.

You can watch the winning clip below. Click here for the full fight.

She took 3 days and 199 attempts, but in the end she won. She plans to defeat her Radagon/Elden Beast next, and who knows what other challenges she’ll face in the future.

I spoke to MissMikkaa in November 2022 and she explained how to completely defeat the Elden Ring with a dance pad. This was even after defeating a level 1 Malenia with the same dance her pad.

Malenia is one of the most memorable challenges in recent memory in the world of video games, and the difficulty of her fight compares favorably with Misumika, one of Elden Ring’s most legendary players, and others. Influenced the rise side by side. This player appeared in the Players Game, and we also talked about how he single-handedly defeated Malenia and became everyone’s hero.

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