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Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro Review: Affordable Direct Drive, Auto Leveling

Gone are the days of “beginner” printers welcoming new manufacturers with fire trials. Elegoo ease of use neptune 3 pro (opens in new tab) It arrives 90% assembled and takes 30 minutes from box to first print. Now available with a retail price of $230, this machine is as easy on the wallet as it is on the set.

of Neptune 3 is already a great 3D printer, earning 4 stars when I reviewed it in June. The Pro version adds some new features. A direct drive that really grips slippery filaments like TPU, dual Z-screws for stable printing, and a built-in task light. A task light is he one of those small quality-of-life improvements that seem ridiculous until you squint in the dark at the first layer.

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