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Elephant Robotics Release Raspberry Pi Dual-Armed Robot

Elephant Robotics releases latest Raspberry Pi (opens in new tab)A powered robot, the first robot with two arms. The bot’s six-jointed appendages can move a 250g (9oz) weight over an 11″ (280mm) radius, and are equipped with grippers, various gesturing hands, and even a suction pump. can do.

MyBuddy 280 (opens in new tab) It is intended for an educational context and features a Raspberry Pi 4. (opens in new tab) A board connected to a 7 inch “interactive display” – a touch screen – capable of showing different facial expressions. Three additional ESP32 microcontroller modules sit between the Pi and the servo motors. Each arm can rotate at least 165 degrees in either direction, providing 13 degrees of freedom and over 100 control surfaces. You can also control the robot in VR by moving the arm with the hand controller.

The rest of the specs consist of a Raspberry Pi 4, with the 4GB model being the robot’s brain. Elephant Robotics, which has yet to release an elephant-shaped robot, also installed two of his 2MP cameras, one of which allows the robot to read her QR code, as well as recognize location and objects. and facial recognition is handled by the second camera. His USB port and wireless interface on the Pi also provide a way to connect the bot to the world around it. Meanwhile, a pair of Grove connectors and two of his 5×5 LED matrices offer more I/O options.

(Image credit: Elephant Robotics)

Programming is done via Python, C++, Arduino, C# and Javascript and the open source MyStudio tool runs on all common desktop operating systems and Android. Arduino, Python, and C libraries are available from the download section of the Elephant Robotics website. This section also contains Android apps and firmware for ESP32.

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