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Entry-Level DDR5 Prices Expected To Drop Rapidly This Year

reported that Digitimes Asia, DDR5 memory prices are expected to plummet in the second half of 2022 and continue to fall in 2023. DDR5 contract prices he reportedly dropped 20% in July, with the chip vendor starting to “offload” his entry-level DDR5 chips and lowering the prices of his DDR5 modules for consumers. is set. Channel distributors outnumber memory module manufacturers.

Prices will continue to fall rapidly in the second half of 2022, reaching a “sweet spot” in 2023, according to DigiTimes. Falling DDR5 prices are also expected to boost DDR5 adoption. This is in addition to his DDR5’s rapid price cuts this year.Unfortunately these sources don’t give an optimal pricing for DDR5 but the optimal price is between his current DDR4 pricing and I expect it to be close, if not the same.

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