ETH supply shifts back to inflationary

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Ethereum (ETH) has become inflationary again following a reversal of the deflationary upswing seen in November due to the impact of FTX.

ys supply graph
ETH supply graph

Despite its most deflationary period ever, ETH supply returned to inflation again on December 2nd, seeing a 0.00029% increase (349 ETH) in supply.

ys supply graph
ETH supply graph

ETH is currently at +0.008% inflation, approaching the inflation seen at the beginning of November.

ys supply
Changes in ETH supply and current supply

Currently, the total ETH supply is steadily increasing daily, with an additional 2,300 ETH being generated daily. On top of that, ETH’s burn rate continues to fall, further dampening expectations of a return to deflationary values.

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