Ethereum POW token may trade for $18, Paradigm predicts

Crypto investment company paradigm Said We expect the Ethereum POW token to trade at a discount to Ethereum after the merger, and we predict the coin price to be $18.

Paradigm’s price predictions are based on the difference between spot Ether prices and futures prices.

Experts believe ETHPOW is worth at least $18, with Ether’s Sept. 30 expiry on major exchanges trading at a discounted price of $18 as of Aug. 31.

paradigm I explained as follows.

โ€œSince Spot = PoS + PoW and future is simply PoS, the market can estimate the value of ETHPOW just by looking at the spot and future base. is 1.5% of the ETH market cap.โ€

Another Market Analyst Cumberland expressed similar feelings. According to Cumberland, the spot futures base can be used to determine the future price of ETHPOW.

The market suggests that ETHPOW will be priced at 1.5% of ETH’s current market capitalization, as most ETH holders are adopting market-neutral strategies in the futures market.

ETHPOW Token Falls Over 50% in 30 Days

The potential for a much lower price for ETHPOW extends to potential exchange-listed ETH POW tokens as the price of ETHPOW (IOU) fell from over $100 to $36.96 over the past 30 days. It seems that. coin market capitalization data.

Coin gecko data Indicated Its Ethereum PoW fork IOU (ETHW) has decreased by more than 20% over the past seven days.

However, a token is just an IOU. In other words, it is a debt contract and becomes an official token only after the blockchain network is activated.

On the other hand, BitMEX said ETH holders on the Proof of Work fork chain will get the same amount of ETHPOW tokens as real ETH, so the potential price of the ETHPOW token is still mostly speculative.

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