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Ethereum Testnet Success Paves Way for ‘The Merge’ in September

Ethereum’s final testnet, Goerli, has successfully updated. This means that the Web3 platform is in the final stages of a long technical transition. Goerli was the last test before the final upgrade to Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM). This is a software platform powered by the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The merge, which points to a hard fork of Ethereum mainnet body, brings a series of changes. Its main change is the proof of work (POW) that utilizes current graphics cards.

Goerli is the last in a series of testnet upgrades that have taken place throughout the year. Each testnet upgrade was intended to diagnose potential code vulnerabilities, issues, and unforeseen circumstances that could render Ethereum’s network inoperable. That the last testnet has finally completed its transition means that EVM’s gears are well-oiled for a successful transition in his September.

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