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Everywhere: New Game Shown at Gamescom Opening Night Live Might Secretly Include NFTs

At Gamescom Opening Night Live today, it was advertised as “merging gameplay, adventure, creativity and discovery into a multi-world experience.” It’s not said to appear to be powered by blockchain or “Web 3.0” technology, but it’s been criticized in various areas across the gaming industry.

Shortly after Opening Night Live ended, several users took to Twitter to say that the developers of Build a Rocket Boy Multiple open positions in blockchain teamThis lends credence to speculation that Everywhere, which promises to “connect players with each other and redefine the digital world around them”, could feature non-fungible tokens. [NFTs] in some way.

NFTs are a hot topic as boosters work to expand mainstream acceptance of the technology. This is touted as a way to create truly unique items that can be bought and sold in-game, and could create a new “play to earn” model. It points to the sheer impact and its focus on monetization over actual gameplay.

Despite the backlash, money is pouring into blockchain efforts, and former Days Gone producer John Garvin is also launching a new studio based on the technology. Meanwhile, Team 17 and GSC Game World are rapidly backing down on the NFT idea.

Everywhere is being developed by Edinburgh-based Build A Rocket Boy, co-founded by Rockstar and Grand Theft Auto developer Leslie Benzies. Benzies has said nothing about whether or not Everywhere will be an NFT game, but says that Everywhere’s goal is to “push the boundaries of what’s possible in video games.” We’ve been speculating about what Everywhere is for a while now, with the trailer offering our first glimpse of Benzies’ mysterious new game.

IGN has reached out to an Everywhere representative and will update this article with a response.

Everywhere wasn’t the only game revealed at the Gamescom Opening Night Live. Other games shown during the event included Dead Island 2 and Hogwarts Legacy, with Sony also revealing a brand new DualSense controller. A full recap of Opening Night Live can be read here.

Everywhere – Gamescom 2022

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