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EVGA Abandons the GPU Market, Reportedly Citing Conflicts With Nvidia

Often considered Nvidia’s top add-in board partner, EVGA is undergoing a dramatic change. The company will end his deal with Nvidia and stop making GPUs entirely.According to the YouTube channel Jay ZTwo Cents When gamers nexusboth sat down with EVGA CEO Andrew Han to discuss his frustrations with Nvidia as a partner and the reasons for making the decision.

“We are not going to participate [Nvidia CEO] jensen [Huang]Rapping on stage so I don’t want people guessing what’s going on [when we’re not there]GamersNexus Steve Burke quotes Han. “EVGA has decided not to carry the next generation.”

Representatives for EVGA and Nvidia have not yet responded to requests for comment. He’s only heard from EVGA’s side of the story, and while much of the conflict may be true, we’ve yet to hear anything from his former partner, Han meets with his two biggest tech YouTubers. And it’s worth noting that they banned the video.

EVGA will reportedly continue with its existing RTX 30 series product line until it runs out of stock. The company won’t even move to partnerships with AMD or Intel, instead planning to focus on other products for the time being (EVGA, for example, already makes power supplies, coolers, and motherboards). into a new product category.

The company is reportedly withholding some of its inventory for the market, with the intention of replacing warranty cards that are supposed to protect current customers, at least for the time being.

Han told JayZTwoCents and GamersNexus that EVGA will not sell the business. According to GamersNexus, Nvidia executives said he was first notified in April. Apparently, EVGA has manufactured some of his RTX 40 series cards and even made it to the engineering sample stage.

It is unclear how EVGA will bring its employees together. It’s not a huge company and a Gamers Nexus video suggests Han says he wants to take care of his employees, but what some of these engineers have to do is unknown.

Both videos suggest that EVGA feels crushed by Nvidia, and details such as the MSRP and the cost of purchasing the GPU chips are not publicly disclosed (often on stage) until Nvidia announces them. It suggests that we won’t know until we announce it. In addition, there is also a story that the card cannot be customized due to specification changes such as the price limit and the addition of memory.

This is also a problem as Nvidia uses its own Founders Edition cards to compete with partners. Because, according to both videos, Nvidia, as a supplier and manufacturer, shouldn’t worry too much about profit margins.

EVGA has built a reputation by offering the best Nvidia GPU AIB cards. In fact, VGA stands for Video Graphics Adapter, which is odd for a company that doesn’t make them anymore.

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