‘Fall’ Review: Things Are Looking Down

If you’re also afraid of heights, chances are you’ll experience “Fall” as a simple horror movie rather than a thriller. Director Scott Mann has made sure to pack enough jump scares and gore into this latest venture to blur genre boundaries. It feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, but it also provides a hell of an adrenaline rush.

The movie begins with tragedy. Becky (Grace Caroline Curry) and her husband Dan (Mason Gooding) were climbing a cliff with her friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner) when Dan crashed and died. did. Less than a year later, Hunter lures Becky back into her game of climbing. The two are estranged. Hunter became an influencer last year while Becky was a heavy drinker and contemplating suicide. However, when they become stranded on the small platform at the top of the tower, Settlement is reluctant to survive.

“Autumn” loses its power in the final act as tension is replaced by ludicrous horror.Still, the twist is so weird, kind of fun, and the actor sells them difficult.

Above all, this is an impressive feat of cinema. Most of the film was shot on a 60-foot platform atop a mountain to make things look real. Of course, that just makes “Fall” even more harrowing. As the brush with Becky and Hunter’s death got complicated, I literally kept flattening myself in my seat like a scary cat, glad it didn’t screen in IMAX.

Rated PG-13 by Ahhhhh!!! Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes. at the theater.

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