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Fans Played Magic: The Gathering on the Floor of a Machine Girl Concert

WARNING: The video embedded in this article contains flashing images.

If you do something strange in public, look at it and ask for an explanation.It was true when people started Recording gigs on 3DSwhen people started Suit up and watch the Minionsand it’s true that the two decided to play Magic: The Gathering on the floor at the Machine Girl concert.

Videos circulating feeds on both TikTok and Twitter show Americans electronic music duo machine girl two people playing on stage planeswalker Engage in epic battles in the iconic card game of Wizards of the Coast.

“I ran into a guy I was playing against on the merchandise line before the show. He was showing off some cool custom MTG cards he brought for Matt. [Stephenson of Machine Girl]’, Jared, one of the competitors, told IGN.

“He told me he had plans to play a few games in the pit. He brought a deck, but he was looking for an opponent. I did.”

Agitator, Big Money Cybergrind Goes [BMC]they explained that they had the idea a month and a half ago, but no one from Machine Girl’s Discord wanted to play with them. I was.

But what decks were they playing? “Zoo and Ghostdad from the 2005 Standard format. [We] BMC laughed. When asked if those decks had a specific meaning, BMC said:

Two players weren’t the only ones who got hooked on it. “Everyone around us got excited and when we were done, people helped pick up the cards,” BMC said.

The immediate reaction from Twitter has been mostly positive, with people either making plans to do this themselves or wishing Yu-Gi-Oh was played instead. There are only a handful of comments.”I know it smells crazy out thereBut it was such a high-energy hardcore electronic show that it would go crazy with or without a Magic player.

You may ask what this means, I briefly answered a similar question in a previous article. But while it was a comment that filming a gig on a 3DS meant you had to document the event to enjoy it, the gag here is that the traditionally violent imagery of the mosh pit was replaced by him instead. What does it mean when you see an equally devastating battle between two rival wizards in . What else can you do there?

IGN also reached out to Machine Girl management for comment, briefly confirming that the two are in fact Magic: The Gathering aficionados.

Machine Girl also produced the soundtrack for one of the hottest games of the year. neon whiteIGN said in their 8/10 review:

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast / Fajareka Setiawan

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