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Farewell Heardle: Spotify Killing Its Version of Wordle Less Than a Year After Acquisition

Spotify is shutting down less than a year after acquiring Heardle, the music version of Wordle.

The music streaming service acquired Heardle for an undisclosed amount in July 2022, shortly after its birth from the Wordle craze. Today, players were shocked to see the following announcement upon logging into the game on Friday morning.

The rest of the announcement read, “Thanks for playing Heardle. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye. After May 5th, Heardle will no longer be available. If you have stats you would like to keep, be sure to Go to your stats, take a screenshot before May 4th, after May 4th you won’t be able to access it.”

A Spotify spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the company is discontinuing the music guessing game.: “After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Heardle and focus on other features for music discovery.”

Some fans have reacted with irony to Heardle’s passing, many feeling that the service has gone downhill since being acquired by Spotify.

the end of hartle

Spotify’s decision to discontinue Heardle comes after the company made sweeping changes to its streaming platform over the past month, allowing subscribers to stream from their TikTok-style music and podcast discovery feeds to All the way down to an AI DJ that knows what kind of music you like and plays it. Algorithm based. Heardle hasn’t received any updates and its player base has dropped significantly.

Heardle launches in February 2022 and puts a musical twist on the super-popular Worldle, giving players six attempts to guess the name of a song and the artist who sang it. For Spotify I bought a music game last summerAccording to the company, Heardle is “more than just a trivia game, it’s also a tool for music discovery.” In other words, regardless of whether the player gets the song right or wrong, at the end of the game the answer will be displayed, allowing Spotify to play the song and save it to a playlist.

“We are always looking for innovative and playful ways to enhance music discovery and help artists reach new fans,” said Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s global head of music. has proven to be a really fun way to connect millions of fans with the songs they know and love, as well as new songs… and share with friends about who has the best musical knowledge. It’s a way to compete.Since its debut, the game has quickly gained a loyal following and is consistent with our plans to deepen interactivity across the Spotify ecosystem.”

Spotify will not lay off any employees as a result of the Heardle closure.

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