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FIFA 23 Was Accidentally Sold for 6 Cents – and EA Will Honor It

EA mistakenly listed the $99.99 FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition on the Indian Epic Games Store for 6 cents worth, but the publisher actually honors the price for those who bought it quickly.

As reported by PC gamerthe mistake that resulted in a 99.98% discount on the unreleased game was quickly dropped, but not before a few people were able to buy it. Share your excitement on Twitter.

On its chin, EA acknowledged its missteps before emailing each Epic Games Store user who did so and confirming they didn’t ask for the correct amount.

“A few weeks ago, I accidentally offered a pre-purchase of FIFA 23 at the wrong price on the Epic Games Store and scored a very nice own goal,” the email said. “It was our mistake and we wanted to let you know that we will honor all pre-purchases made at that price.”

It’s back to normal now, but the big price cut is consistent with a significant edition of the long-running football franchise. FIFA 23 will be the last of its name as EA chose not to pay the $250 million annual price tag, instead launching anew as EA Sports FC in 2023.

Also, for the first time in franchise history, a female player has graced the cover of an international FIFA, joining Chelsea star Sam Kerr and PSG’s Kylian Mbappe in the Ultimate Edition. The move celebrates the addition of women’s clubs to her FIFA for the first time, with all clubs becoming playable at the start of the game on September 30.

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