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FIFA’s First Games After Its EA Partnership Ended Are Blockchain and Web 3.0-Based

After the end of the partnership with EA, FIFA will announced We are working on a portfolio of Web3 games ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. So far, we have four games in development that utilize blockchain technology.

AI League is a 4v4 casual game between AI-controlled characters, where players act as coaches and provide input during tactical moments. Players can also collect and trade characters between teams.

Uplandme utilizes virtual properties to allow players to travel to a replica FIFA World Cup Lusail stadium and village and purchase items to customize their homes.

Matchday is a card-based social prediction game. Here, a player can collect and own a matchday his player card with his player’s name, image and likeness on it.

Finally, Phygti is an app that generates digital rewards. This appears to be an initiative that allows players to capture their favorite FIFA World cup photo and video moments and keep them forever.

FIFA Chief Business Officer Romy Gai said: .

“Web 3.0 will definitely have an important role to play as we continue to build our gaming strategy into the future, and this is where our journey begins.”

These are FIFA’s first gaming initiatives since it split from EA in May. FIFA plans to release new soccer and non-simulation games from Q3 2022.

Blockchain games have been widely scrutinized in the industry, and some companies, such as Square Enix, are embracing it. The company recently announced his Symbiogenesis, an art NFT project, to the dismay of fans who thought the rumored Parasite He was Eve’s return.

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