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Final Fantasy 16 Director: ‘Maybe It’s Time to Remove the Numbers From the Title’

Final Fantasy is one of gaming’s longest-running numbering series, but with Final Fantasy XVI due out next month, Square Enix is ​​rethinking its approach to its famous Roman numerals. Maybe.

and GQ UK interviewFinal Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida was asked if ditching numbers in future Final Fantasy games was considered.

Mr. Yoshida responded, “Actually, that’s something I discussed with upper management. Maybe it’s time to remove the number from the title.” For example, let’s say you have Final Fantasy 14. When new players come in, it’s like, “Wait a minute, why should I play Final Fantasy 14 when 16 is out?” How about calling it “Final Fantasy Online”? If you remove the number completely, it will be easier to understand. “

He continued, “Whether or not Final Fantasy 17 and Final Fantasy 18 are numbered is up to the people who develop and brand those games, so that’s their problem, not ours. is not a problem!”

Yoshida also said that many new players join the franchise and see it as something of a manga that they have to read from the beginning to find out what’s going on in the latest edition. As a result, for every numbered title in the series, Square Enix has to make it clear that players don’t have to play previous numbered titles to understand the latest, making marketing difficult. increase.

Final Fantasy XVI launches for PlayStation 5 on June 22nd. At IGN’s Final Fantasy XVI preview, we said: By the time I finished reading, my anticipation had hardly diminished. “

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