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Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Dance Sequence Took Longer to Prepare than Any Other Scene

According to co-director Motomu Toriyama, Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s famous Honey Be-In dance sequence took longer to prepare than any other scene in the game.

and Square Enix blog postToriyama notes that the delicate nature of the original scene in 1997’s Final Fantasy 7 saw protagonist Cloud to infiltrate the shady Playboy mansion – alongside the complexity of the dance sequence itself, is incredible. He explained that this led to long preparation times.

“We decided to change the original FFVII Honeybee Inn episode from the start of development to be gender-free,” said Toriyama. “We remade the whole scene as a song and dance show, made it a big stage for Cloud’s transvestite event, and gave it a ‘biggest show business’ feel as part of the remake of his story.” ”

The decision to recreate the entire scene forced the development team to start research from scratch, and even after finally gathering enough reference material, they edited together, added music and lyrics, and choreographed “I think the preparation stage here alone took the longest time in the entire development process,” said Toriyama.

The scene also underwent various edits, as Square Enix previously revealed that it included a pole dancing scene that was removed due to ratings concerns.

The sequence was well received, and they modernized it to remove the more insensitive elements of Final Fantasy 7’s version while keeping the spirit of the original game intact. This led to a scene that felt more like a celebration than a joke.

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Fans eager for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (other than the brief DLC episode introduced on the PlayStation 5’s Integrated Edition) will finally get their hands on its sequel, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, in Winter 2023. Part of the game, Part 3 is already in development.

IGN said in their 8/10 review:

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