First post-Merge Ethereum NFT minted for $60K


Within an hour after Ethereum (ETH) completed the merge.user exhaustion 36 ETH — approximately $60,000 — to create the first NFT in a Proof of Stake (PoS) network.

The NFT was cast at a block height of 15537394 and tagged “The Transition”. NFT is part of the panda’s face collection To mark Ethereum’s move to PoS. The collection can be found on OpenSea.

The minimum price for the collection is 0.6 ETH.

some users Said Merge had not changed anything about the network’s high gas prices.The Ethereum Foundation previously clarified that Merge would not lower gas prices or speed up transactions.

According to the foundation, the merger is a “change in consensus mechanism” and “not an expansion of network capacity.”

However, other infrastructure development and scaling solutions deployed after the merge will ultimately help reduce network charges.

Ethereum’s move to PoS, on the other hand, has significantly reduced energy consumption by up to 99%, attracting institutional investors who have been avoiding the asset due to environmental concerns. data It also showed that Ethereum supply has been deflationary since the merge began. Around 180 ETH has left the network since the merger, according to the tracker.

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