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Floppy Disk Kingpin Says Business Has About Four Years Before Hitting Eject Button

The floppy disk business will go bankrupt in four years. calculate Self-proclaimed “the last man in the floppy disk industry”.However, US-based Floppy disk.comA site dedicated to serving the last pocket of diskette demand, says the end is in sight.

Sony was the last floppy maker to cease production a decade ago, but Persky’s business saw “millions” of floppy disks fly around when production ended. From time to time, Persky gets the chance to buy some pallets full of unused floppies that a company finds in the back of its warehouse. But now owns half a million floppy disks of his last, and they are a combination of his 3.5-inch, 5.25-inch, and 8-inch designs and some less common formats. and is not quantified. As an aside, Persky says he also recycles floppy disks rather than ending up in landfills, with up to 1,000 disks being mailed in each day. These are tested and guaranteed and in packs of 50 he sells for $19.95.

You might be wondering who will still need a floppy disk in 2022? The answer is many and varied, with various customers still regularly running out of these computer supplies. Some of the largest orders for floppy disks are from industrial companies, as well as avionics, healthcare, and embroidery. These customers have something in common. They use serviceable and working machines that are probably 20+ years old and use floppy drives to store and load data. By the way, the Japanese government has just decided to phase out the obligation to submit certain official documents on floppies and CDs.

Start Netscape Navigator and go buy a floppy (Image credit: Future)

Other avenues for diskette sales are enthusiasts and retro-computing enthusiasts. Nor should we forget the old but oft-respected musical synthesizers and workstations that use floppies for patches, sequences, and other data. However, demand from users of devices such as digital cameras with floppy disk drives ( Sony Mavica) should be negligible.

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