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Former Payday Developer Making a Co-Op Heist FPS With New Studio

Ulf Andersson, who worked on Payday and Payday 2, is back in the co-op heist genre with his studio 10 Chambers.during an interview with NMEthe developer revealed that his next game will be a cyberpunk-style team-based action game.

“Basically, I’m back to robbery,” he said. “I mean, it’s a heist co-op FPS, some sort of techno thriller he has his theme. I read a lot of his sci-fi books, so cyberpunk inspired Imagine everything.

Payday games featured high-intensity action, escaping the bank with guns to get enough cash to fill a sports bag.

But Anderson’s next match won’t be the case. “This is not constant shooting,” he explained. “Payday had a big problem with increasing action and then staying increased.”

After working on the original two Payday games, Andersson went independent as CEO and founder of 10 Chambers. The new studio is taking a decidedly different approach to its upcoming heist game… but we don’t yet know how that will work.

“You can sneak in for at least an hour and then f********g die, right?” he said of GTFO. But his next match will be a little more forgiving. “So it’s not that hardcore. It’s more mechanically smooth and easy to play.”

Screen – Payday 2

IGN’s review of GTFO states: It’s clever, creepy, and already stunningly sophisticated, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. ”

As for the upcoming game, we don’t have a name yet…or a release date. “I don’t want to miss a deadline or over-promise. It’s in pre-production right now, but it’s progressing pretty quickly.”

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