FTX hacker sending troll messages via cryptic tokens in possible Pump & Dump scam

The FTX hacker address — 0x59AB…fd32b — has been sending crypto tokens, including one labeled “WHAT HAPPENED”, to addresses across the blockchain, including exchanges, Vitalik, and Uniswap.

Deeper analysis of on-chain transactions by crypto slate Using newly minted tokens such as “WHAT HAPPENED”, “CRO NEXT”, and “FTX SUCKS”, the messages were revealed to last for several days.

The image below shows the token “WHAT HAPPENED”, created at 9:40 AM GMT and issued directly to the FTX hacker’s address with a supply of 1 billion tokens. Within two minutes, 90% of the tokens had been sent to the Uniswap V2 contract, with many others distributed to other addresses linked to hackers.

Investors should be aware that such tokens may be traded on Uniswap in accounts linked to FTX Hacker wallets tagged as “FTX Accounts Drainer 1 – 6”. The possibility of a new scam targeting memecoin investors has become a reality.

what happened to ftx hacker
Source: Etherscan

The name of the token, “WHAT HAPPENED,” is related to a series of vague tweets sent from former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s Twitter account over the past few days. The 10-part thread started with the word “what” and continued to spell the word “happened” before ending with the next statement.

Examples of other tokens and transactions such as WHAT, SOYCONMAN, FTX SUCKS, CRO NEXT, and FUCK FTX tokens are listed below.

CryptoSlate utilizes Arkham Intelligence to track transactions and will publish any further developments.

soikon man
soikon man token
what token
what token
what happened token
what happened token
Fuck FTX Token
Fuck FTX Token
FTX Sac Token
FTX sucks tokens

As of press time, the account has moved about $50 million, leaving close to $300 million in wallets.

Arkham Intelligence shared an insight revealing that hackers moved $48.2 million of DAI to ETH in Cowswap.

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