FTX users complain about fund freezes after interacting with privacy protocol Aztec Network

FTX allegedly warned users not to interact with risky services after complaints surfaced that the exchange was blocking accounts that interacted with zk money on the Azteca network.

Chinese journalist Colin Wu report On August 19th, the user’s account was frozen for transferring money to a zk money account.

Some users took to Twitter to share their experiences. A Twitter user shared some screenshots on August 14th., Regarding the series of questions FTX Customer Care asked when trying to deposit money into your account.

another user They also complained about withdrawals being prohibited after some funds were frozen.

FTX allegedly said addresses associated with the protocol were “high risk” and banned on the exchange. Users are advised to stop using the mixing service as it may put their account at risk.

Aztec is a privacy protocol, not a mixer

Some users pointed out that Aztec Network is a privacy solution and should not be treated on the same terms as mixing services such as: tornado cache.

money It is a layer 2 privacy solution built on top of aztec network This allows users to carry out transactions without compromising their privacy. Transaction data can be kept private, but owners can choose what they share and who they want.

Users expressed pessimism that the zk rollup solution built to protect privacy may have been terminated prematurely if freezes against privacy protocols were not checked.

Growing Interest in Privacy Protocols

American sanctions The protests against Tornado Cash and the arrest of its developer in the Netherlands have threatened the future of privacy-focused solutions like Monerao.

Nevertheless, Monero completed its hard fork on August 13th. This upgrade improves network security and privacy features.

Amid growing concerns about the safety of privacy protocol developers, Monero developer Justin Berman reiterated his commitment to continuing to build solutions that give users the privacy they deserve.

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