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Gayming Awards 2023 Winners: Cult of the Lamb Wins Over Elden Ring and God of War

The Gaming Awards 2023 winners have been announced, with Cult of the Lamb, Stray, Wildflowers and more taking home the grand prize in this year’s celebration of LGBTQ+ representation in video games.

Unveiled at the awards ceremony in New York City, Cult of the Ram defeated Elden Ring, God of War: Ragnarok and Arcade Spirit: The New Challengers to win the Game of the Year trophy.

Ashly Burch has voiced many LGBTQ+ characters, including Aloy in Horizon: Forbidden West and Chloe in Life is Strange, and was awarded the Gayming Icon Award for her contributions to the LGBTQ+ community.

Seven additional streamers have been appointed as Gaming Ambassadors to Gaming Magazine’s Rising Star class for their “significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ world within the gaming space.” The streamers are BetweenTwoGays (Ryan and Jayce), Blobarella, itsOnlyVega, MadiDuVernay, Marisol Lords, and TheJustRyan.

“We are so proud to make our Broadway debut and celebrate LGBTQ excellence in the global gaming industry,” said Robin Gray, founder of Gaming Magazine and Gaming Awards.

“Now in our third year of winning this award, we are firmly established as a leading voice in LGBTQ gaming and proud to celebrate our community’s success in person at such a prestigious venue. What we did was really great.”

The full list of Gaming Awards winners is below.

Game of the Year Award

Winner: Cult of the Lamb – Devolver Digital & Massive Monster

● Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers – Pqube & Fiction Factory Game

● Elden Ring – From Software & Bandai Namco

● God of War Ragnarok – SIE Santa Monica Studio

Gaming Magazine Readers Award

● Winner: Stray – Annapurna Interactive & Blue Twelve Studio

● Lamb Cult – Devolver Digital & Massive Monster

● Disney Dreamlight Valley – Gameloft

● Elden Ring – From Software & Bandai Namco

● Ghostwire Tokyo – Bethesda Softworks

● Horizon Forbidden West – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Tunic – Finzi

● Wylde Flowers – Studio Dry Dock

Gaming Icon Award

Winner: Ashley Burch

Best LGBTQ+ Indie Game Award

● Winner: Wylde Flowers – Studio Drydock

● Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers – Pqube & Fiction Factory Game

●Butterfly Soup 2 – Brianna Rae

● SIGNALIS – rose-engine & Humble Games

● ValiDate: Singles struggling in your area – real joy

● We are OFK – Team OFK

LGBTQ+ Streamer of the Year Award

● Winner: Drag Trashly

● Espe Simone

The fox queen

● Gothic love


Psoi milk

● Sammy M Jay

● SuperButterBuns

● Top


Authentic Representative Award

Winner: I Was A Teenage Exocolonist – Northway Games & Finji

● Saints Row – Deep Silver

● SIGNALIS – rose-engine & Humble Games

● Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Gearbox & 2K

● ValiDate: Singles struggling in your area – real joy

● We are OFK – Team OFK

Best LGBTQ+ Character Award

Winner: Lor – New Tales from the Borderlands – Gearbox & 2K

● Bones Three-Wood – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Gearbox & 2K

– Bridget – Guilty Gear Strive – Arc System Works

● Catalyst – Apex Legends – Respawn & EA

● ELSTER – SIGNALIS – rose-engine & Humble Games

● Tara Wylde – Wylde Flowers – Studio Drydock

Industrial Diversity Award

Winner: Glitch

●Code Coven

● Gamer X

●Girls Run These Worlds

● Qweerty Gamer

LGBTQ+ Esports Contribution Award

● Winner: XSET

●Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association

●Team Overture

Brave game changer

Best LGBTQ+ Tabletop Game of the Year Award

Winner: Adventuring with Pride – Quiro’s Journey – Jack Dixon

●Pathfinder Lost Omens – Paizo

● Pride Across the Multiverse – Wizards of the Coast

● Tower of Souls – Severely Queer Heroes

Best LGBTQ+ Comic Moment Award

● Winner: Young Men in Love – Joe Glass and Matt Miner (Editor) & A Wave Blue World

● Marvel’s Voices ICEMAN – Luciano Vecchio & Marvel Comics

● Rock Star and Soft Boy – Image Comics

● Superman: Son of Kal-El – DC Comics

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer and UK news editor. He talks about witchers all day long.

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