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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed Review – IGN

Ever since I was a kid running to the VHS rewinder to queue up for another Ghostbusters screening, I’ve dreamed of multiplayer games in that unflinchingly ridiculous world. Whether it’s an over-the-top ghost rogue or a silly ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner carried by a ghost-catching vigilante in janitorial costumes, there’s so much more to an asymmetric multiplayer game where teams of ghost cops go head-to-head. It is difficult to imagine a world ripe for – Face vengeful ghosts. Unfortunately, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed’s attempts to fill this void have been met with only limited success, as it often completely nails ghost-hunting fantasies, but it also suffers from balance issues, questionable level design, You get stuck in a thick slime of stories that barely deserve to exist. Called one, it’s a serious lack of content above all else. I had a lot of really hilarious and satisfying moments, ready to put this little excursion on the shelf next to my prized Ghostbusters VHS.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits a team of four ghostbusters against a single slime-loving ghost on any of five maps. A simple but mostly fun match. The Ghost’s goal is to terrorize his absent-minded NPCs and haunt areas of the map until they are too spooky for humans to occupy. A team of Ghostbusters work to track down and capture that slippery abomination before completing its unfinished business. You can haunt and possess items, cover things with slime, and use a series of interesting abilities unique to the specter you choose before the match. These include the ability to summon giant tornadoes of slimes that inflict massive damage on . As a Buster of Ghosts, you’re given the tools of the Ghostbuster trade, such as a Particle Thrower, Proton Pack, PKE Meter, and Ghost Trap, and must work as a team to catch a Ghost whose only flaw is he has four. Your – but even that doesn’t explain much at times.

This is because, at least for now, Spirits Unleashed needs balancing. The hurdles for human victory are very high, probably because in the 15 hours he’s played, he’s played 10 games and he’s only happened 1 game. For one thing, Ghostbusters have to do quite a lot to achieve victory, as just catching a spooky enemy quickly triggers a ghost respawn. Instead, the jumpsuit-clad crusader must hunt down three artifacts that act as resurrection horcruxes and destroy them all before catching ghosts and claiming victory. All the ghost needs to do is run out the clock for about 10 minutes. Of course, Ghost can also have his hunter try to catch his prey four times. Because Ghost sacrifices one of his artifacts every time he respawns.

There are many ways Ghost can win the day with all sorts of tricks, but many of them feel downright cheesy. For example, if the Ghostbusters find one of his artifacts and start damaging them, they can pick it up, fly away, and go to another location before it fully heals the artifact and sets the human team back significantly. You can hide it. when they start hunting again. Beyond that, most ghosts can relatively easily get away from his thrower his stream, walk through walls, or possess items to quickly escape. And most importantly, ghosts can fly. Ghostbusters have to contend with stairs, but Ghosts can quickly float to higher floors.

With all players equally skilled, it’s hard to imagine the Ghostbusters winning consistently.

As a Ghostbuster, I was able to win almost every match, with the rare exception of trying out new characters or just laughing and playing silly. I could only do it if the ghost players didn’t seem to know how to play, or if I was in a full squad and all my friends communicated and worked together to snatch a photo-finish victory. However, with all players having equal skill, it’s hard to imagine Ghostbusters consistently winning with so many advantages in favor of the Ghosts.

This is especially true in levels with taller layouts where you can take full advantage of ghost flying. Prison levels, for example, have very high ceilings, so if all else fails, the ghost could be floating high in the sky, and the ghostbuster below has little chance of catching it. There was one match that stayed in and waited for the match to finish, filling the entire party with four-letter words. Other maps may have lots of stairs or narrow corridors that make it difficult for humans to navigate. On the bright side, at least each of his five maps is unique and has many features, and each item in every level has an often funny “walk” associated with it when the ghost is holding it. I have an animation.

Hunting down otherworldly horrors with friends requires strategy, teamwork, gear coordination, and catching ghosts. Achieving that rare victory after setting the perfect trap for is a moment that demands immortality with a celebratory fist pump. It was certainly always entertaining and I took pride in finding as many creative ways as possible to confuse my pursuers. does not support a real LAN). He was able to host all five players under one roof. This was a hilarious and unforgettable experience. We have a very cool game here. It’s just hidden in unsightly scars.

The biggest problem didn’t come until after dozens of hours of playing, when I suddenly had nothing to do and lost interest rapidly. Much like the slime-spitting ghosts you play and hunt, Spirit Unleashed’s bones don’t have much flesh. With only five maps, only one game mode, and a story consisting of a series of boring cutscenes sandwiched between multiplayer his matches, you’ll run out of things quickly. To its credit, you’ll continue to unlock new Ghosts to play with, and unlock some helpful upgrades, tools, and decorations for your Ghostbuster, all of which return you to the same old multiplayer mode. I’m sick of it. Hopefully future updates will add new content, especially game modes, but for now very he’s one note.

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