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Gigabyte’s Aorus 5 RTX 3070 Gaming Laptop Now $1,149: Real Deals

Desktop gaming computers are great, but sometimes it’s nice to move your gaming computer to another room or go to a friend’s house to play some games. A laptop is the perfect solution in this case, but it’s often not that cheap.We recommend buying a laptop that can meet your gaming requirements. See the best gaming laptops (opens in new tab)Check out the types of laptops available.

With a fairly powerful Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU inside, this Gigabyte Aorus 5 is priced at $1,149. (opens in new tab) If you want to save money on a capable gaming laptop, it’s a good deal.This model (SE4-73US213SH) also comes with an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU and 16GB of RAM.

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