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Gigabyte’s RTX 4090 Gaming OC Available at $1,709

The Nvidia RTX 4090 launched last October with a suggested starting price of $1,599. Since then, I have yet to see a card that is readily available without paying a significant premium. It’s one of the best graphics cards out there and definitely the fastest in meaningful metrics when you look at the GPU benchmarks, but paying 25% more extra for an already incredibly expensive GPU is a swallow It is a difficult drug to take.

However, Newegg has good news that the Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC is available for just $1,709. Ok, “just”, but beggars can’t be choosers.We reviewed the Gigabyte RTX 4090 Gaming OC and found it to be GPU capable. This is mostly a reference card made by his AIB of a third party, not paying attention to the “Gaming OC” part of the name. The factory overclock is configured for 15 MHz over the reference boost clock. This means that at 2520 MHz, the theoretical performance could be improved by 0.6%.

But if you’re in the market for an RTX 4090, the prospect of spending an extra 20% to get an extra 2% off a slightly higher factory overclock is a bad deal. and exchange blows and are basically eligible for the silicon lottery. Moreover, regardless of whether the manufacturer uses faster memory chips.

Graphics card prices are still skyrocketing, which could indicate that things are starting to change. The RTX 4090 could reign supreme as the king of the mountain and could possibly price higher, but RTX 4080 starting at $1,229 (opens in new tab) Up to 25% slower, but RTX 4070 Ti starting at $799 (opens in new tab), its official base MSRP. AMD new RX 7900 XTX starting at $1,299 (opens in new tab)stepping down can degrade performance by 15-20%, RX 7900 XT starting at $879 (opens in new tab) — $20 off the official suggested retail price.

Wait another 1-3 months and all the latest generation cards could fall below the inflated suggested retail price. If you can’t wait too long, or don’t want to risk the ever-increasing price, Gigabyte’s cards make excellent professional and ultimate gaming GPUs.

If you’re not looking to drop a typical high-end gaming PC on just a graphics card, hopefully more affordable options will become available soon, as the RTX 4070 Ti has drawn a lot of criticism. , the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti could start pushing down into the $500s. Or if it’s not Nvidia, AMD might launch the RX 7800 XT or 7700 XT. There’s no official release date for them yet, but it’s a safe bet that they’re all coming and could arrive in the coming months.

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