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Global 3D NAND Market Shrinks by 24.3 Percent in Q3 2022

Demand for 3D NAND memory declined in the third quarter due to softening demand for PCs and smartphones. As a result, both the average selling price (ASP) of flash memory and its bit shipments have collapsed, severely impacting the bottom line of 3D NAND manufacturers.

3D NAND makers delivered $13.71 billion worth of memory in Q3 2022, down 24.3% quarter-on-quarter. trend force (opens in new tab)This is because 3D NAND bit shipments were down 6.7% quarter-on-quarter, while average prices were down last quarter as 3D NAND manufacturers had to cut prices to make their products more attractive. This is because it decreased by 18.3% compared to the previous year.

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