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God of War Ragnarok and Rick and Morty Crossover Is an Ad Worthy of the Nine Realms

A new ad for God of War Ragnarok, the legendary crossover with Rick and Morty, sees our favorite duo travel to the Nine Realms for hilarious fun.

The new ad was unveiled on the night of the season 6 premiere of Rick and Morty, showing Rick shaving his head and painting his face with red paint before Rick and Morty traveled to the world of God of War to reveal Kratos. It starts with making it look like Ragnarok.

Rick quickly opens the chest to find Kratos’ Leviathan Ax and “other unreleased upgrades,” but refuses to help Morty when he’s attacked by a flock of birds because he doesn’t want blood on his ax. To do.

Rick also finds a boat and tells Morty that it has to be rowed because it has an important task to keep Leviathan’s ax from getting wet.

As previously mentioned, the sixth season of Rick and Morty has finally arrived. Here you can find out how to watch. Also, while you wait for our review, be sure to check out our picks for the 15 best Rick and Morty episodes of all time.

As for God of War Ragnarok, the new adventure of Kratos and Atreus is set to launch on PS5 and PS4 on November 9, 2022.

For more, check out how the new game adds even more attacks via less-used buttons and everything we know about God of War Ragnarok.

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