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God of War Ragnarok Had to ‘Get Creative’ to Deal With Atreus Actor’s Changing Voice

Atreus may have matured with Ragnarok, the god of war, but so did his voice actor. behind the scenes videodirector dialogue designer Jodi Cupsko explained how puberty caused problems for the sequel to God of War.

“Atreus actor, Sunny [Suljic]is a teenage boy, and his voice has changed dramatically over the years with this title,” she explained. Sounds like it’s been done. It was a unique challenge this time around.”

Due to the extended production period due to the pandemic, the God of War Ragnarok team not only had to think creatively to avoid Suljic’s rapidly changing voice, but also the motion restricted by the pandemic rules. We also had to think about how to shoot the cinematics on a capture soundstage.

Senior Producer Ariel Angelotti said: None of the cinematics we changed. The same characters remain in the final game. I had to be a little more creative with how I shot the content. ”

The developers wanted to avoid having too many voice actors on set at once, so they resorted to doubling up voice actors to play the additional background characters.

This allowed him to “avoid situations where too many people were on set on a given day.” They also had some actors “stand in” for others that day. But even with his rapidly deepening voice, we can’t help but think it’s unlikely that Atreus’ voice actor took over for Kratos at any point.

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