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God of War: Ragnarok Is Adding Even More Attacks Through an Underused Button

God of War: Ragnorok builds on its predecessor’s combat system, adding elemental attacks associated with the triangle button that were relatively unused in the 2018 entry.

talk game informerRagnarok lead combat designer Mihir Sheth not only recalled Kratos’ Leviathan Ax, but also explained how the Triangle button was reimplemented.

“In the previous game, pressing the triangle could recall the axe, but if you already had the axe it did nothing,” says Sheth. “If you have Blades of Chaos and press Triangle, you’re back to an axe. We saw that concept and thought, ‘What if that button could do something a little different?'”

So Sony Santa Monica introduced an entirely new style of attack activated by the previously unused triangle button state. These are called Weapon Signature Moves and imbue either the Leviathan Ax or the Blade of Chaos with elemental damage known as Frost Awaken and Whiplash (ice and fire respectively).

This is part of a broader revamp for combat in Ragnarok, in keeping with the “play with food” philosophy. “Kratos play with food,” he says Sheth. And when I saw the combat in the last game, it was like, ‘We can take this further. You can find new toys, ways to play with enemies, and strategies. That is the guiding principle above all else. “

New ideas in the works don’t just focus on Kratos’ anticipated weapons. Game Informer also confirmed his two new arm shields for Dauntless and Stonewall. These each provide a bonus move that damages his last 1 second parry, or a kinetic blast after absorbing damage, respectively.

These attacks join several other new gameplay additions as the Ragnarok trailer has already shown a variety of new combat options and abilities. We’ll discover all of them when they’re released, but in the meantime you can catch up on the lore by recaping the original God of War and reading the Ragnarok plot synopsis.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He talks about witchers all day long.

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