Google adds Ethereum Merge countdown clock as searches reach all-time high


Google Cloud developer Sam Padilla announced Friday that the Ethereum merge countdown clock is now live on the Google search engine. Searching for “Ethereum merge” now returns native he countdown clock along with current hashrate, difficulty and merge difficulty.

This addition shows the level crypto has penetrated FANG companies and the amount of attention given to The Merge. Interest in The Merge has exploded over the past few weeks, and Google expects it to continue to grow.

google trends eth merge
Source: Google Trends

Country most interested The Merge includes Luxembourg, St. Helena, Singapore, North Macedonia and Lithuania. The highest European country is Switzerland, where he is 7th, while China and the United States are 17th and 18th respectively.

combine profits
Source: Google Trends

The growing interest was also aided by Padilla spearheading the development of a merge integration into Google. In response to Sassal, Padilla explained that he started the idea and that “the internal search and lab team” built the search feature.

Illustrated pandas will merge in true Google style once the Ethereum merge is complete. The pandas move closer to each other every day until The Merge occurs. Pandas are a well-known staple of Ethereum merge meme culture.

This meme uses a black bear to represent the execution layer and a white bear as the consensus layer. A merge occurs when the bears coalesce to create a fighting panda.

sauce: sassar

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