Google Cloud becomes a Solana validator

Google Cloud announces breakthrough partnership with Solana. One of the world’s largest cloud service providers will become an integral part of the Solana network, bringing Solana to a wide range of products and services.

The company says it will run a Solana validator that generates blocks, allowing participation and validation on the Solana network.

Google Cloud will not only be a validator, but will also work with Solana to blockchain node engine To the Solana ecosystem. Blockchain Node Engine is Google Cloud’s fully managed node hosting service that alleviates the need for complex node operations. Offering turnkey node hosting, the service previously focused solely on Ethereum and its burgeoning developer ecosystem.

Adding Solana to the Blockchain Node Engine greatly reduces the time required to run Solana nodes, making them accessible to more users.

The company also noted that it is currently working on indexing data from the Solana network and ingesting it into BigQuery. A data warehouse on Google Cloud allows you to quickly and efficiently query large databases on the Solana blockchain using the processing power of Google’s massive infrastructure.

Solana’s native SOL jumped over 13% on the news, sparking a run that could last all day. At the time of writing, SOL is trading just under her $38, up from her record of $34.4 less than an hour ago.

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