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Google Fiber Gaining 5 Gbps and 8 Gbps Internet Tiers in Early 2023

Google has announced that it will introduce a significantly faster fiber broadband service early next year. Introducing two new speed tiers introduced Google Fiber to Stable: 5 Gbps ($125/month) and 8 Gbps ($150/month) services. These will be symmetrical services with equal upload and download speeds. Additionally, Google provides subscribers with a Wi-Fi 6 router and up to two mesh extenders for consistent internet speeds throughout the home.

In September, the Google Fiber Connect blog teased that an employee was testing a symmetrical service in Kansas at over 20 Gbps, so readers today are, at best, a little disappointed with the 8 Gbps speed announcement. I might. However, Google claims to keep the services it creates symmetrical, avoid data caps, impose no installation fees, and maintain an “accessible price.” So how do Google Fiber’s new offerings shape up compared to the existing ones? Check out the features and price comparison chart below.

G fiber 1 gig

GFiber 2 Gig

GFiber 5 Gig

GFiber 8 Gig

down/up speed

1Gbps / 1Gbps

2Gbps / 1Gbps

5Gbps / 5Gbps

8Gbps / 8Gbps

monthly fee










What’s surprising from the above is how a 1 Gbps entry-level service seems like a poor value in the light of newer faster services that use the dollar per giga metric. Of course, there are fixed costs to providing connectivity and equipment to any facility, and many customers may think he doesn’t need speeds above 1 Gbps.

(Image credit: Google)

Google addresses the above complaints in a blog post by asking, “Who needs 5 and 8 gigs?” The answer is between customers who want to prepare for the next evolution of the bandwidth-hungry internet age, and those who are “creative professionals, cloud or big data people, and big shared internet demands.” households that have In other words, entertainment and work that require large file transfers should benefit from faster speeds, and Google also suggests reducing latency for time-sensitive operations such as stock trading and FOREX. However, it does not specifically mention games.

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