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Google Is Testing Launching Cloud Games Directly From Search Results

It looks like Google has started integrating their Cloud Gaming service into their search results.

nerf report Bryant Chappell In a series of tweets (below), we pointed out that the new feature appears to be rolling out across the search giant’s search results pages. Users can launch cloud games directly from search results using Google Stadia and other cloud services.

for selecting search results[再生]Adding a button will allow you to launch directly from Stadia if the game you searched for is available on your platform. This is a great step forward in terms of integrating cloud gaming across the Google platform.

It feels like a natural progression for cloud gaming. It takes less time between searching for a game and actually playing it.

Integrating cloud gaming capabilities into other services is a great move given that we’re talking about Google here, but it’s not just Google products that are being integrated here. I’ve found this works for Xbox Cloud Gaming and other services as well.

Other cloud gaming services emerging this way include Amazon Luna and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

However, when IGN tried to reproduce these results, we found no impressive new features. It’s unclear if this is geo-locked or simply rolling out to selected users for testing, a possible scenario being that Google is A/B testing him across its services. That’s it. This means that this new feature will eventually be rolled out more comprehensively (or not).

Nevertheless, this is an interesting new feature that really exploits the potential of cloud gaming. After all, being able to play games right from search results is an impressive leap.

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Of course, it’s not that simple. It still causes some friction if you accidentally log out because you have to be logged in to the service you’re trying to access. Otherwise, you’ll be sent to the service’s signup page, which can be a little frustrating.

Also doesn’t seem to work all Games on cloud gaming services. However, this is a very new feature, so it’s possible that it’s still rolling out, or that it’s currently only appearing in some titles for testing purposes.

Either way, this is a great addition that makes cloud gaming even more impressive. Make sure you have a good internet connection.

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