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Google’s AI ‘Help Me Write’ Feature Wants to Do the Writing for You

Google is ready to help you write, but we’d rather write for you. At Google I/O this week, the search giant announced it would be adding new generative AI capabilities to its workspace tools such as Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and Slides.I signed up for Google Workspace Labs (it’s called Beta), got off the waiting list today (it must have been my SAT score), and decided that the main tool would be[Help Me Write]I had a chance to peruse the button now. Generate the text from scratch or completely rewrite the copy with your own voice.

the keynote and Subsequent blog postGoogle has talked about adding image creation to slides and data analytics information to spreadsheets, but the only features that seem available at the moment are Docs and Gmail’s ‘help me write ” button. This feature currently has some usefulness for people who are not good at wordsmithing or are too lazy to piece together a few sentences themselves, but like any other AI tool, it can be used to or leave gibberish text. It’s common that it’s useless. Unfortunately, this is a perfect tool for students who want to forge book reports, or writers who want to plagiarize someone else’s work. And worst of all, it doesn’t live up to its name because instead of helping you improve your writing, it silences your voice and replaces your work with its own.

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