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Gotham Knights: Check Out a Harley Quinn Boss Fight – IGN First

Earlier this week we discovered that Harley Quinn will be the main villain of the Knights of Gotham.

Harley is one of Gotham Knights’ villain arcs, an entire questline centered around supervillain activities that runs parallel to the main storyline. The Warner Bros. Games Montreal version of his Harley goes through the Joker and Suicide Squad phases to become a master criminal on his own terms.

We asked game director Geoff Ellenor to explain the context of the boss fight itself.

“You’ve been chasing Harley right up until you started his boss fight in Gotham Hospital – you’ve been trying to figure out what he’s up to… but of course this is Harley.” Quinn and she are good for nothing in Gotham, and “live your best life” in this case means doing murderous and violent things.

“We finally figured out which part of the hospital she was in right before the boss fight started, and we’re going to confront Harley for everything she’s ever done.”

In the video above, you can watch 7 minutes of the ensuing fight. To learn more about what he revealed as part of IGN First, see his first 16 minutes of gameplay, revealing 28 different superheroes and his suits, Mr. Freeze. and the gang he chose, and an overview of how this new version of Gotham City was built.

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