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Gotham Knights Will Only Run at 30 FPS and Will Offer No Performance Mode on Consoles

When Gotham Knights hits consoles on October 21st, it will run at just 30 FPS with no performance mode.

As discovered by someone like Wario 64 on Twitter, The news was announced by Gotham Knights Executive Producer Fuller “Frawer” Marty. cacophony channel, She wanted to take the time to answer this question for console players.

“I know a lot of people are wondering if a Gotham Knights performance mode will be available on consoles,” Marty wrote. Because our games have so many different features, such as providing an experience, it’s not as easy as lowering the resolution and increasing the FPS, which is why our games don’t have a performance/quality toggle option. , runs at 30 FPS on consoles.”

This news follows the announcement of Heroic Assault Mode for Gotham Knights. This mode is his 4-player co-op mode for free starting November 29, 2022. Despite having his four heroes of Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood, Gotham Knights’ campaign only supports single-player or his two-player co-op. In this new mode, four friends can take on arena-based challenges and see how all four heroes can work together to take down Gotham’s criminals.

In the final preview of Gotham Knights, he said, “It’s not an easy game to demo. I left hands-on time and wasn’t impressed with many aspects of combat, but I’m still interested in playing more.” I just realized something.”

For more, check out why Gotham Knights created an older, smarter, and more dangerous Harley Quinn, and our thoughts from the game’s first previews in August.

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