Graham Nash Has a Few More Songs Before He Goes

In Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s acrimonious record, Nash generally appeared to be the most well-adjusted and most undisputed member. He gave up hard drugs relatively early and devoted decades to philanthropy. for some, his divorce and remarriage represented a heel turn. But it was worth it, he repeated.

“I have never been upset by a big decision I made,” he said, adding that he regretted his parents’ deaths. “I’m enjoying my life and I’ve made some incredibly good decisions. for me. I would like to continue for the next few years. ”

After the restless days of a lifetime, “Now” feels surprisingly fulfilling, as if Nash had put on his favorite old coat to find a cache of new songs crammed in his pocket. There are political Jeremiahs denouncing “MAGA tourists,” and next-generation anthems that echo “teach your children.” He wrote “Buddy’s Back” for Clarke, a poignant celebration of the Hollies’ ancestry. They cut different takes for each album, happily closing their broken boyhood circles.

Love songs to Grantham make up almost half of the album, and the tender, innocent songs shine through. “It Feels Like Home” is an East Coast recast of “Our House,” in which Nash walks through a door to find “an answer to a prayer.” He apologizes for lashing out on “Love of Mine” after Grantham told him to stop jamming Manhattan’s sidewalks. The “now” expands in the hard-won silence.

“When I was in my mid-70s, I really believed that I was nearing the end of my life. It was all over,” he said. “In many ways, Amy saved my life. She wanted to take care of herself, as she always does.”

As Nash relaxed on his sunny porch, he rolled up the sleeves of his black T-shirt to reveal three tattoos.There was a Hindu god Ganesha under his left shoulder, bottom right ex-wife. He remained long on his left forearm, where the black ink of Vegvisir, often called the “Viking Compass,” was fading.

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