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Gran Turismo Boss Expects the Series to Arrive on PC

According to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo Racing series could make the leap from PlayStation to PC.

As reported by PC gamersaid Yamauchi. GT Planet At the Gran Turismo World Finals, developer Polyphony Digital would consider bringing the racing franchise to PC, and when asked if it was a possibility, he replied, “Yes, I think so.”

However, PlayStation-exclusive series only make the leap if they think they can develop a port to meet the standard.

“Gran Turismo is a very finely tuned title,” Yamauchi said. “There aren’t many platforms that can run games natively at 4K/60p, so one way we can do that is by narrowing down the platforms. are considering.”

Since 2020, PlayStation has brought a number of first-party and console-exclusive games to PC, including titles from the Horizon and God of War series. He also plans to continue his console-to-PC hybrid strategy going forward, and may at least be working on his own PC launcher, according to files found on his PC version of his Spider-Man Remastered. There is even

IGN gave Gran Turismo 7, released earlier this year, a rating of 9/10, calling it “the best series since the dominant PlayStation 2 era, with gorgeous graphics, great driving feel and plenty of racing options. ‘ said.

Based on the feat of Jan Mardenborough, who became a real-world racing driver after winning a series of Gran Turismo tournaments, the series is set to hit the big screen in 2023.

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