Grimes Reviews A.I. Grimes Songs

Where does the AI ​​journey begin?

To be honest, it started when I was a kid, which is probably weird. Last year, we were looking through old college sketchbooks and found a ton of AI theories. I have talked about this all the time. Previously it was not possible. But I started getting interested in the possibilities of art not long before the cryptocurrency era. In 2018 or 2019, when we first tried to open source Grimes.

What does it mean to make Grimes “open source”?

I am very interested in the art of identity.we tried to sell my soul 10% of which are concluded with legally binding contracts. But no one cared, and the price was so outrageous that no one would buy it — like $10 billion. But if they buy it, I accept my fate and it will be worth it.

Only one person you know can afford it.

No, I don’t think he’s going to pay for that. But my soul has already left.I already completely Lost control of Grimes’ story. For example, I am constantly accused of war crimes.

So how does that lead to musical open-sourcing of Grimes?

I probably feel less pain about such things than the average person. Because the amount of ego death I had to go through just to keep functioning is pretty high. The weird and uncomfortable feeling that many people feel when they hear their voice being used in an unintended way – I’m just being exposed to crazier press coverage than the average person. . I’m so used to it.

I started Grimes because I was in a very punk scene and dancing in pink dresses and making pop music seemed edgy. One of the things I was interested in at the time was pissing people off. Even now, what are the boundaries? What is the Overton Art Window and what is allowed?

How would you explain to your grandma what you are doing with AI right now?

Everyone is very angry, saying, “I want to hear what humans made!” and I’m like this, This is all man-made. I still have to write songs, produce songs, and sing vocals. The AI ​​part takes the vocal overtones and timbres and moves them to match my voice, not the person’s original voice. It’s like a new mic.

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