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Hand 386 Delivers A “True 386 Processor” in a Handheld

Gaming PC handhelds are trending in 2023, but we’ve discovered a somewhat niche device made to bring gaming fun to PC DOS/Windows retro gamers.Newer, primarily aimed at DOS and early Windows games hand 386 Playing ancient PC games on the go meets many criteria. Spec highlights for this Nintendo 2DS form factor device include a “True 386 Processor Core” running at 40 MHz, 8 GB of RAM, 1 GB of storage, a built-in screen, keyboard and battery.

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According to the AliExpress product page, the Hand 386 has many appealing qualities, but this list also raises a lot of questions. The product appears to be new, but at the time of this writing there are no customer reviews to provide third-party information. However, his Tyrian 2000 performance by Epic MegaGames looks pretty smooth in the video embedded below.Tyrian 2000 is available for free Via (opens in new tab)However, versions compatible with Windows 7 and later and MacOS X are provided.

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Hand 386 key specification


Intel 386SX 40MHz CPU


M6117D SoC Platform / M1217 Chipset


Chip F65535 VGA graphics (up to 640 x 480 with 256 colors)


8GB RAM, 1GB CF card connected to IDE adapter


Yamaha YMF262-M OPL3 Sound Card


PS/2 mouse and keyboard, 8-bit ISA extension, VGA output, 3.5mm audio, USB, DC input (5V, 2A)


150 x 130 x 16 mm (5.9 x 5.1 x 0.6 in)

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