Helium community votes to migrate to Solana, scores new T-Mobile partnership


The overwhelming majority of the Helium (HNT) community voted Migrate your wireless network to the Layer 1 blockchain Solana (SOL).

According to available information, The HIP 70 proposal received 6,177 votes (81.41%) in favor of the plan and 1,270 votes against it.

Voting closed early on September 22nd, with approximately 15 million HNT tokens staked during the voting process.

Helium developers say the move to Solana will help scale the network and drive its adoption, instead of spending resources on blockchain administration.

If the proposal is passed, HNT, IOT and MOBILE Helium tokens will be issued on the Solana blockchain. The network will also update the wallet, allowing the user to use his Solana-based wallet for his HNT tokens.

Meanwhile, despite the planned migration to Solana, the developer says Helium’s blockchain history will remain open.

The proposed migration split Helium’s community as some members requested that the network include other blockchain networks in the proposal, reports have revealed.

Helium Wins New Partnership

Helium developer Nova Labs announced A new five-year partnership with T-Mobile will create a new 5G wireless service called Helium Mobile on Sept. 21.

Reports have revealed that Helium Mobile will target dead 5G spots for wireless network users in the United States.

Network subscribers will also be able to earn crypto rewards, according to the developer.

The project will start in the first quarter of 2023, with subscription plans starting at $5/month.

Nova Labs’ team said the new Helium Mobile network could be considered a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) or a crypto carrier.

Nova Labs CEO Amir Haleem said:

โ€œOur new deal with T-Mobile will give subscribers nationwide 5G coverage and allow us to offer mobile products and services that use both networks.โ€

Helium price surge

Helium’s HNT price jumped 2% to $4.72 within 24 hours.Its value has increased by about 12% in the last 7 days

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